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Pimple treatments in pune

Pimple Treatments

Pimples are small skin lesions or infections of the skin - they develop when sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands) blockage and stroke, leading to a red swollen lesions filled with pus.

It is also known that the form of pimples spots or zits. Develop pimples are tied in first place for the production of oil, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria (although yeast infections can also cause pimples to develop).

Sebaceous glands, which are located at the base of hair follicles, and can become excessive due to hormonal fluctuations, and this is why acne scar is associated with the most common age of puberty, and why breakouts occur around the time of menses.

The most likely body parts that pimples on the face, back, chest and shoulders are affected because of the proliferation of the sebaceous glands in these areas of the skin. Blisters are a sign of acne, especially when the breakout happens.

Treatments :

  Anti pimple peels


 Medical line of treatment