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Hair Fall Treatments

Another most important part of our personality is our Hair. Hair plays very big role in outer beauty of a person. Because of today’s hectic lifestyle hair fall has become one of major problem.

Heavy hair fall leads to thinning of hair, hair loss and in extreme cases it can result into baldness. Reason behind hair fall is not one, there are reasons such as stress, pregnancy heredity, hormonal imbalance, anaemia and many more.

In Visage we start treatment on prevention basic and we help to cure it if damaged is already happened. We help with treatments such as:

  Meso therapy :

Meso therapy is one of the easy to do treatment now a days. This is very safe treatment when done professionally. It is very helpful in initial stage of hair loss. Meso therapy helps to put needed proteins around hair follicle so one can feel visible difference in hair fall within few sessions.

  Hair Roller :

Derma rolling gained notoriety for fighting back against hair loss and helping stimulate new growth on the scalp. In clinical studies, when a derma roller was paired with minoxidil and other hair loss solutions on the scalp, you will get excellent results. Essentially, the derma roller gently pricks the layers of skin to open the pores for maximum absorption of medicine. After extensive use, users have shown dramatic results in scalp health and hair growth.

  Platelet-rich plasma :

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become a newer method for the treatment of various types of alopecia. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous preparation of platelets in concentrated plasma. In this prospective study, safety, efficacy and feasibility of PRP injections in treating androgenic alopecia were assessed. A significant reduction in hair loss was observed between first and fourth injection. PRP injection is a simple and feasible treatment option for androgenic alopecia, with high overall patient satisfaction

 Hair transplantation :

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the 'donor site' to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.

In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp. Hair transplantation differs from skin grafting in that grafts contain almost all of the epidermis and dermis surrounding the hair follicle, and many tiny grafts are transplanted rather than a single strip of skin.